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It's time to start an honest discussion about our Mental Health.

Mental Health is often marginalised and kept behind closed doors. S.A.D brings it into the light without stigma; a show full of laughter, tears, truth and most importantly of all hope and healing. 

Based on real experiences with an entirely original score, the show uses clowning and dance to engage and move the audience without dialogue. 

Experience a show like no other, that meets the demons that we all face head on and rather than doing so with anger and fear, instead embraces them with understanding.



The audience is guided through the colourful kaleidoscope story by the gentle and humorous Distracto. Distracto keeps you safe, reminding you that this is a journey into yourself as much as it is an adventure undertaken by an entire audience. He holds your hand as you jump head first into a world where dreams take form. 

The Story weaves through the Seasons of Mental Illness. The foreboding Autumn of History and Trauma, the sometimes isolating and cold Winter of Symptoms, the hopeful Spring that is Recognition and Diagnosis and finally into the beautiful warmth of the Summer of Healing and Acceptance.

Emerge with a different perspective, full of hope and inspired to listen and understand.

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Awareness is on the rise, conversations are being started and Mental Health is often at the forefront of media in a way it has not been historically. But where to next?

After awareness, we feel that the next step towards a brighter future for us all, is acceptance and understanding. We are proud and passionate about using our performance as a medium to champion this next step.

Though our story is beginning in the Australian Capital, our ambitions are big and we want to tell our stories to the world! 

Stay tuned for details of our Australian Tour coming 2020!

Our Journey continues is Canberra.

Venue: Belconnen Arts Centre 

Thursday 10th October- Saturday 12th October 

Free Q&A Panel on World MEntal Health Day, Thursday 10/10/19

Tickets Available at:

Content Warning: This show explores themes of mental illness (PTSD, depression and anxiety), Suicide, grooming, childhood abuse, toxic masculinity, addiction and trauma.

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